Pleasures of the Door

Book Design

Hand and digitally printed, hand-collaged book designed for the poem, Pleasures of the Door by Frances Ponge, evoking the lack and longing for intimacy.

Hand-bound accordion book, solid color monoprinted paper collaged with laser printed photos. May 2018.

The Task

Create 3 copies of a 6”x9” book with 16 pages plus covers and inside covers, using my selected poem drawn from a hat.

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The Process

I struggled with finding a balance of imagery. I didn't want my chosen external imagery to overpower the imagery created by the poem itself.

After analyzing the poem and picking out themes of intimacy, these are some of the early images I constructed. But they were too literal and specific, closing off other interpretations.

I wanted to keep the "touch" element of the hands, but I took away the bodies so that the object of desire or object to be touched could be left to interpretation.

The hands needed more than just empty space to float in, so adding color blocks allowed them to be in a more grounded environment but still leave room for interpretation.

The Solution

I juxtaposed the tactility and vibrancy of hand-rolled ink, collage, and the motif of hands, versus the emptines and distance in the space and placement of color blocks and text blocks.

I was really happy with the precision of the alignment and color of the edges on the physical book. I used the inside corner of my desk shelf to make sure the spine and corners were aligned as I assembled the accordian.

Close-up of a final spread
Close-up of book edge
Books and collage materials