Soulard Farmers Market

Print Design

A nonlinear book that folds out into a double-sided poster, intended to encapsulate the environment of the Soulard Farmers Market.

Hand-collaged design, finished with Photoshop and InDesign, printed on brown butcher paper.

The Task

Choose a location in St. Louis unfamiliar to you and recreate the environment, feeling, and tone of the location as an object.

Preview image of final product
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The Process


I visited the market on a busy Saturday morning to learn what the environment was like, and talked to some of the vendors to learn their stories.

Images from my initial research visit to the market.

Scan of the original collage that ended up being the base imagery of the poster.

Full image of initial collage

The Solution

The market was a collage of vendors and products and stories, each of which stood out on their own, but which all came together in a cohesive, welcoming market. This theme appeared in my design through the panels: each rectangle could be seen as it's own design, but the piece folded out into a cohesive poster.

Each customer walked their own route, experiencing the market in a unique way. This is shown in the way the book can be opened and re-folded in multiple different ways and orders — none of which is inherently correct.