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Interaction Design

A semester-long capstone project that explores the ways in which given variables (including color, size, typeface, image association, and current or historical references) can influence the perception and tone of a presented subject.

Designed and developed from scratch, using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Finished April 2019.

Published Site Development

The Task

Choose a topic and create a capstone project to show off your conceptual and design skills. In other words, this project had no rigid guidelines, and was self-directed with the mentorship of my professor.

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The Process

In the larger scope of things, I started out by picking a topic then trying to build the site around the content. When that was going nowhere, I thought about past projects I really loved working on, and knew I needed to base this on variability.

I started out with the very basics of getting the code to develop variables of color, font choice, size, and image, using arbitrary content.

A visual summary of the development process, gradually piecing together the functionality and design of the main site (up until before the final iteration).

The Solution

The site programatically formulates new design decisions based on sets of variables, each time a phrase is hovered over. This makes it next to impossible to see the same layout and design more than once.

The viewer is forced to see the same topic framed in different tones and perspectives, regardless of whether or not it's swayed toward their beliefs

I'm proud of the way that the concept of variability laid the foundation for the project, and that the design decisions were rooted in this concept.